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  1. Kia is recalling nearly 68,000 engines with fuel tubes that were misaligned, improperly tightened, or otherwise damaged during installation.

    This lets gas can spray out onto hot surfaces and is the perfect recipe for engine fires. To make matters worse, these engines were the replacements for recalled engines that suffered from knocking and seizing due to widespread oil flow problems. Yeesh.…

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  2. A small, but important recall has been issued for just under a hundred 2018 Sorentos.

    The cowl crossbars that connect to the motor-driven power steering column may not have been welded properly. If the welds are too weak the power steering columns could separate. That seems less than ideal if you’re a fan of being able to control your SUV.

    Want to know if your vehicle is involved? Grab your VIN, give Kia a call at 800-333-4542, and ask about recall number SC167.

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  3. The 2018 Sorento has been recalled before we even had a chance to flip our calendars to the new year.

    The inflator in the side curtain airbag module is equipped with a "top hat diffuser" that may not have been formed properly during manufacturing. If the side curtain airbag deploys in a crash, the airbag may not deploy correctly to protect an occupant in a crash.

    My favorite antidote, however, is this little nugget—The diffuser can also detach and hit occupants when the airbags deploy.

    Talk about insult to injury.

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  4. A small number (62) of 2017 Sorento SUVs have defective crankshafts, forcing a recall that starts next month.

    Kia also says it's possible failed crankshafts could cause fires, so dealers will need to inspect the crankshafts and if needed, replace the engine sub assemblies.

    If your crankshaft breaks it’s going to be a bad day. A fire would just be the cherry on top.

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