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      • What are the odds that your car will set itself on fire without ever being involved in a collision? Much higher than you’d think, especially if you’re one of these 3 million Hyundai and Kia owne...

      • A small, but important recall has been issued for just under a hundred 2018 Sorentos.

        The cowl crossbars that connect to the motor-driven power steering column may not have been welded p...

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      • Owners worried about a defectively designed crankshaft in the first-generation Sorento have a reason to celebrate.

        The plaintiffs claim Kia knew about the problems but concealed that kno...

  4. 2016

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      • Kia’s Theta 2-liter and 2.4-liter gasoline direct injection engines, also known as GDI engines, are giving owners a ton of headaches by stalling or failing at just about any time.