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  1. Kia is recalling certain Sedona minivans because the front passenger airbag can deploy when there’s a child in the seat.

    The occupant detection system (ODS) is supposed to disable the airbag if it detects that the occupant is a child because airbags deploy with too much force to be safe for our little ones. However, the wiring harness for the ODS is breaking when people sit in the front passenger seat which is, you know … typically what people do with seats. If the harness breaks, the passenger airbag will deploy regardless of who is in the seat. The issue affects the 2015-2018 model years with manually-adjusted front passenger seats.

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  2. Corrode on me once, shame on you. Corrode on me twice ... well, shame on you again.

    For the second time, the Kia Sedona has been recalled to fix front lower control arms that can break from corrosion. This time Kia is going to replace the arms that weren't fixed before, and add an extra applcation of an anti-corrosion coating.

    The problem affects vans that were originally sold, or currently registered in, the salt belt states.…

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  3. Did you know most cars have a "fail-safe" secondary latch that is supposed to keep the hood closed in case the primary latch fails?

    Well, that secondary latch is failing in the 2006-2014 Sedona, leaving the possibility that the hood could fly open while driving. The secondary latch is most likely failing due to corrosion from road salt, and that's why Kia has split the recall into two parts:…

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